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How a fence can substantially help deter a break in to your home

Homeowners get fences installed all of the time to get more privacy, or to keep their pet in or just to set a perimeter of the property line. Rarely do I hear people getting fences to keep out intruders when the fact is that a fence can definitely deter a wannabe burglar from getting in.

Fences can be a first line of defense when someone tries to break in your home or business. They are difficult to climb or break through are great for preventing theft especially if the material is hard wood or chain. A fence around your backyard needs to be strong and the top should be high. Make sure the top is high enough to prevent it being climbed. A picket fence with sharp points or a chain-link fence are also good options.


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When putting up a fence make sure it has a locking mechanism. You want a lock or latch that self closes. Most locks on the market hook through the mechanism. Beware not to choose a lock or latch with a latch hole that has room for a hand to enter from the outside. This may be easier for you to get in and out of your backyard, but it’s also easier for a burglar as well.

Also, the fence needs to be strong; and the top needs to either be high enough to deter it being climbed. There are some fences made with special surfaces that make it slippery so that it cannot be easily climbed. Others are styled picket fences with their sharpened and shaped points and can deter burglars from climbing them.


When installing your fence make sure to have the good side of the fence facing inwards to your property. This will prevent the bag guys from getting in and making it easy for folks to climb in because all they have to do is put their foot on the batons. Let’s say that you mistakenly installed then the wrong way just have them turned around.

If you want to go the hardcore route and want to really cause the intruder some pain you can install barbed wire fence. Most intruders would look at barbed wire and think twice about trying to scale your fence. The problem with this is the fact that you have a duty of care to others while on your premises regardless if they are allowed to be there or not.

I have heard cases where the intruder try and sue the homeowner for injuries but I do not think that person won the case. Just make sure you check with the homeowners association or county codes to mae sure you do not violate any rules.


In conclusion, please consider a fence and price the installation of one with a local professional. In the long run we are trying to increase the safety of our family and property in these dangerous times as seen on the news everyday.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any great security tips that we have not already recommended in the article.

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