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How to protect your Nest cameras from hackers

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With so many news stories of hackers out there attacking network servers, banks and websites you wouldn’t think that they would target a normal family home camera system. I mean what could they gain just by doing this when there is not monetary incentive to take advantage of. Well the reality is that there are those out there wanting to gain access to your indoor as well as outdoor security cameras. Here are some ways to stop the intruders or at least make it very difficult for them to gain access:

1- Do Not use your same email address or password

When setting up the cameras do not use your same email that you would use to access a social media account such as Facebook. Doing this would prevent someone familiar to you that could try to use the same account to gain access to your camera system. This goes for using the same password. Try creating something new. this is standard practice that we advise clients when we install their systems and it gives them more of a piece of mind.

2- Use two step or factor authentication

When setting up your mobile app to connect to your cameras go into settings or look for a gear ‘icon’ and change this to 2 step authentication.

What this does it allows you to log into your Nest account with your password but also through a SMS text message or email verification. This is a real ironclad way to stop hackers to just use your password only to gain access to your cameras.

3- Use a password manager

Remember, nothing is fool proof but these 3 tips should help you be a little more comfortable purchasing Nest cameras and placing them in areas in and around your home that you need to protect without wondering what other folks could be watching.

If you need to log into your cameras on your computer or your phone you can use a password manager that will log you i without you typing in the password. This will prevent those bad folks who are sniffing traffic or are in the same room as you are are looking over your shoulder to see what your credentials are. There are free password managers and the one that we like and recommend is Last Pass.

The newer Nest cameras have the updated firmware in them so it is best to purchase one of those and not the older model. You will be better protected wit the patches. They are readily available online from here below just click on the picture of the one that you want:

Nest Cam Security Camera 3 Pack Indoor Color: Black Style: Nest Cam Security Camera: 3 Pack, Model: NC1104US

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